Sunday, January 27, 2013

Jessica Bartholow Legislative Advocate and anonymous Calworks recipient join the show to discuss Calworks

Legislative advocate, Jessica Bartholow of The Western Center on Law and Poverty and a local woman who recently became a Calworks recipient join the show to discuss the realities versus the fallacies of the Calworks program. In this interview we address many issues from recent cuts to Calworks statistics. Our anonymous guest also shares her own story, which resonates with many of the stories that we have read about- putting a voice and personal experience to the truths that so many refuse to acknowledge: which is that poverty can happen to anyone. Most Americans are just one perhaps a few paychecks from economic collapse; during this economic downturn there have been many middle class Americans who have lost their homes, who at one time were doing well, living the American dream- yet now they are faced with challenges both economic and personal challenges due to the loss of "The American Dream" but more so due to the stigmatization that is placed upon them by society. In a time when so many struggle it deeply saddens and worries me, when I hear so many Americans on the radio, on TV, online and in day to day conversations who lack empathy; who appear to be somehow envious of the little assistance that Welfare to Work recipients receive, and who cite misinformation. During this interview we address the realities of the program, the work requirements and most importantly our anonymous guest shares her own personal experience with stigmatization along with her story.
Again many thanks to both Jessica Bartholow and to our anonymous guest, who bravely shared her story with us today.
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