Sunday, December 30, 2012

Paul Karrer joins in to speak on the issue of school safety and his very own personal experiences with students who took the wrong path

Paul Karrer education commenter for the Monterey Herald joins me tonight to discuss the tragedies that have occurred. Paul Karrer has been published in Education Weekly, Teacher Mag, San Fran Chronicle, He has been interviewed by ABC News, Good Morning America, First Edition. He recently wrote an Op-ed for The New York Post and was on The Story with Dick Gordon (APM) Checkmate. He also wrote an article for Education Week "A Teacher Remembers The Accused Colorado Gunman" which discusses Paul's memory of his once student.  Paul Karrer's website: I will also have an anonymous guest calling in to discuss her personal struggle with her son. Her blog is:

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Fiday I'll be hosting am540am 6-9am PST special guest: Vandana Shiva

This Friday I'll be hosting from 6-9am on KRXA 540am: my guest lineup includes:
6am: I'll continue my discussion about the NRA's proposal to place guns in      schools, along with gun control and issues of the day!

6:30  Interim's Kontrena McPheter and Tommaso Allioti will discuss mental health and provide us with statistics along with information about the services that are offered by Interim. The issue of heightened stigmatization in response to the recent tragedies will also be addressed

7am: Nick Sudano of Ecology Action joins me along with partners from the Resource Conservation District of Santa Cruz County. to discuss conservation and the importance of storm water and Zero Waste Conserving essential resources through sustainable community-focused solutions.

7:30am: Hamish Tyler of Media Center for Art, Education and Technology (MCAET) Foundation joins me to discuss how MCAET serves the yout in our community who aren't succeeding in conventional testing. MCAET will soon be offering another option for these kids in a state of the art multi media school! 

8:00: Vandana Shiva will be joining us live from New Delhi. Dr. Shiva is a renowned philosopher, environmentalist and has authored over 20 books. She has also appeared in many documentaries including "What Democracy Looks Like," "Blue Gold" "Flow: for love of water"  Fed up!:Genetic Engineering, Industrial Agriculture and Sustainable Alternatives" and "The world according to Monsanto" This is sure to be an informative interview!

Dr. Curtis Odom "Stuck in the Middle: Stuck in the Middle a Generation X View of Talent Management"

Tune in to hear Dr. Curtis Odom discuss his book "Stuck in the Middle" as he discusses talent management and the changes that employees face as the job place changes and the gen xers seek to establish themselves. This is a great interview with enlightening information that any generation can utilize.

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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Susie Brusa of Rancho Cielo

Susie Brusa Executive Director of Rancho Cielo joins us to discuss what Rancho Cielo does for the community and their part in Monterey County gives. They are a wonderful organization, I know that I plan to go out there and enjoy a wonderful meal, while contributing to the success of our youth.

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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sherry Doctor Felten Rn joins us to discuss her Wellness Planning Institute

Tune into hear Sherry Doctor Felten Rn discuss the various topics that are addressed at her clinic on 950 Cass Street in Monterey. Stop by ad experience the calm and welcoming atmosphere as you delve into your wellness future. There are many aspects from health, nutritition to water and Nikken products and magnets. Tune in!

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Sunday, December 9, 2012

"Sex and God: How Religion Distorts Sexuality" with Author Darrel Ray

This is a must get book for anyone interested in sex, sexuality or struggling with relgion and its influence on us as sexual beings. Darrel Ray covers topics ranging from the oppression of women by a patriarchal society to sexuality and the religious movement's idea that it is a choice. Ray discusses the affect that women have faced from influences: from religon to agriculture's affect on the distortion of sexuality. He delves into ways to deal with the issues that we face in our cultures. 

This is on my must read list! I enjoyed this book immensley and highly recommend it! This would be a great gift for the holidays, or any time for anyone in our lives who struggles with their sexuality, whether they are repressed or perhaps dealing with inquisitive children. This book covers many topics that each of us can take a lesson from.

Darrel has many great books including "The God Virus: How Religion Infects our Lives and Culture" Pick up a copy at our local Pilgrim's way or for an autographed copy go online to:

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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Seismic Testing stopped with special guests: Joey Racano and Geoff Shester

The seismic testing at the Diablo Nuclear Power plant has been stopped- for now. It is anticipated that PG&E will continue to attempt to get the permitting. However, for now we can celebrate a win for the marine life. Joey Racano of the Ocean Outfall Group and Head of Stop the Diablo Canyon Seismic Testing along with local Geoff Shester of Oceana join me as we talk about the threat of Seismic testing, sonar, and the need to shift to alternative energy sources. 
The end of the episode raises a new concern regarding military dolphins and what will become of them once looks like we have yet another marine battle on our hands. We should have respect for all of our veterans, from the brave men who risk their lives, to the dogs who accompany them, but also to the dolphins who have served. These fine, distinguished intelligent animals should not be placed in zoos, or animal habitats such as Sea World. I've included a link about this shocking new news:

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Dan Baldwin of Monterey County Gives

Dan Baldwin president and CEO of The Community Foundation for Monterey County, the Weekly’s partner in Monterey County Gives! Dan Baldwin joins us to discuss the many charitable organizations that are part of this years program. Each Tuesday I will have one special non-profit join us, to discuss their needs and why you should donate to their particular charity. 

Last week I invited Peggy Stap of the Marine Life Studies a non-profit with 0 paid staff. They with Whale Entanglement and also do outreach with the Boys and Girls club. To donate, volunteer or contribute contact Peggy at or call (831)901-3833.

Next week: December 4th, I will once again speak with Susan Tiffany of the Salvation Army about the need for donations and about adopting a needy family for Christmas. 

On Tuesday the 11th I will be Interviewing Girls Inc another non-profit who is part of the Monterey County Gives Program

On Tuesday the 18th I will be joined by Rancho Cielo to discuss their charity and how our listeners can help. 

There will be more to come, but as I write this I hope that each and everyone remembers that while it is a pleasure and a joy to give with the Christmas spirit in our hearts, please remember that every charity, every non-profit needs your help whether it be financially or simply by volunteering throughout the entire year. Thanks so much for listening!

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