Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mayor Carmelita Garcia for re-election

Mayor Garcia joins me once again to discuss her bid for re-election. In this interview we discuss transparency, our city's tree ordinance ( and her opponent's view on trees. We also discuss the importance of the citizen's of Pacific Grove and their right to not only participate in meetings, but to have a voice, which is why Mayor Garcia has put Measure F on the ballot- so that citizens can indeed decide what is best for their city. She is a true leader, she makes difficult decisions and looks at the facts. My experience in attending city council meetings is that Mayor Garcia is someone that PG residents can count on- she won't accept a budget unless it has details- this happened this year. She told the city manager that she needed a budget with accuracy- that is why Carmelita Garcia has my vote for Mayor of Pacific Grove.

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The Latino vote and voter suppression with David Serena

David Serena, Professor of Ethnic Studies, discusses the importance of the Latino vote and the potential impact of voter suppression.

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Mitt Romney out of Touch on Foreign Policy- Obama takes the gloves off

This evening Obama took off the gloves. He called Mitt Romney out- the comment of the night: OBAMA: “Bob, let me just respond. Nothing Governor Romney just said is true, starting with this notion of me apologizing. This has been probably the biggest whopper that's been told during the course of this campaign. And every fact checker and every reporter who's looked at it, Governor, has said this is not true.”
One of the defining moments that demonstrated exactly how out of touch Mitt Romney is on foreign policy was highlighted by President Obama when he pointed out that our military is technologically advanced:
“Governor Romney maybe hasn’t spent enough time looking at how our military works. You mentioned the Navy for example, that we have fewer ships than we did in 1916. Well governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets, because the nature of our military has changed” (President Obama to Mitt Romney on the Navy). This comment was well deserved and timed, showing just how out of touch Romney is. Then came the Syria comment by Romney, I felt that it was a Palin moment- his lack of geographical knowledge demonstrates that he isn’t ready to lead our country now, and that his foreign policy is lacking. To comment on Syria bordering Iran- which it does not, and to insinuate that somehow Syria is vital in order to block Iran. Mitt Romney stated: “Syria Is Iran’s Route To The Sea” neglecting to utilize geography of the area, the fact that Iran is indeed on the sea on not one, but two borders; and even more importantly, Syria doesn’t actually share a border with Iran!
Obama nailed it when he said that ““Your strategy has been one that has been all over the map” Mitt Romney has said everything and anything, he has gone back and forth on his views, this evening was a crystal, clear example of that.
Romney’s foreign policy and his homeland policy share a similarity, one that in my opinion is doomed to fail: He seems to think that things will just work their way out- the idea of no government interference for example has overflowed from his “self-deportation” stance to this evenings view on Iraq: “Iraq should get rid of terrorism on their own”

“Iraq should get rid of terrorism on their own”…like self-deporting!!!!
We will see where the polls lie after this final debate. As I watched this evening I wondered, will this debate matter, with so many Americans preoccupied with baseball, football and the latest reality show—will this debate matter? Will Americans fall for the lies, will the fact checking matter. With just a few more days left, the anticipation grows. The questions as to whether or not the polls are accurate arise. We are faced with the looming cloud also known as voting machines, proven for the unreliability- and the fact that Bain Capital recently purchased voting machines…As I end with that final comment- I ask you this question: Is it democracy, when democracy is for sale? Perhaps, it isn’t for sale- although I tend to be less than optimistic, I believe- I hope that democracy will prevail, that our system will work and that our votes will not be bought by Koch Industries or Bain Capital. That the voting machines that have been purchased will be scrutinized and that our vote, our country and the election will not be stolen. Yet another reason to vote, and if possible volunteer as an exit poller.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

California Propositions

Yes on Prop 30: Governor Jerry Brown's Tax Increases for Education and Public Safety

What Prop. 30 Changes
Schools — Establishes a new fund: the Education Protection Account. While the fund is technically part of the general fund, the money there can only be spent on K-12 schools and community colleges.
Public Safety — Guarantees local governments will have funding each year for public safety services realignment, which is the process of transferring inmates from state prisons to local jails. It does so by enshrining public safety funds in the California constitution.
The Tax Hikes
Raises the income tax rate on individuals who earn more than $250,000 a year and couples who earn more than $500,000 a year. The income tax rate will go up on a sliding scale, from a one percent increase at the low end to a three percent hike for the highest earners. The tax lasts seven years. The measure also raises the state sales tax by a quarter of a cent for four years.
Where the Money Goes
It's estimated the taxes would bring in $6 billion for this year's budget. The money flows into the Education Protection Account, in the general fund. That additional money helps the state meet it's education funding requirement, under Proposition 98 — that sends about 39 percent of general fund money to K-12 schools and community colleges. The California Department of Finance estimates the measure would yield an additional $2.9 billion for education next year.
What Happens if Prop. 30 Fails
This year's state budget includes "trigger cuts" if the measure fails. K-12 schools and community colleges would lose $5.35 billion. The University of California and California State University systems would each lose $250 million. City police departments, CalFire, the park system, flood control programs and others would also lose several million dollars each.
I have spoken with several proffessors and they all agree YES on 30 no on 38 Here's why: 
Prop 30 supports ALL education -- primary, middle, high schools, and community colleges and CSU and UC systems.  Prop 38 does NOT support any institutions above grade 12.  The Community Colleges and the 4-year state colleges have endured deep cuts for several years.  If Prop 38 passes and cancels Prop 30, it will trigger immediate cuts to the community college and 4-year college budgets.   Any additional cuts to the already severely reduced budgets will mean significant changes to the community colleges.  MPC will have not have a choice but to cut entire depts, reduce course offerings, lay off teaching faculty and administrative staff, etc.  MPC will not - can not- look anything like it does today, with the magnitude of trigger cuts that will occur.  Similarly with the UC and CSU campuses.  There is no more to cut from these institutions without reducing course offerings, programs, and staff, etc.   MPC will face a $1.5 million cut THIS academic year (2012-2013) and an additional 2.3 million next academic year (2013-2014).
NO on 31: 

Revises the State Budget Process

oversight requirements would cost millions to tens of millions of dollars annually. The measure also puts at risk state regulations meant to protect things like the public health or the environment by allowing local governments to alter these regulations
NO on 32- the bill is funded by Koch industries and if you read the fine print it is misleading e measure unfairly limits unions and would not stop special interest spending, since it does nothing to stem the flood of money to super PACs.
Major opponents of Prop. 32 include the League of Women Voters, the California Democratic Party and most labor unions, including the California School Employees Association, the AFL-CIO and SEIU. Last week I discussed the bill with Jesse Lava of Brave New Films- for more info on Koch's involvement on prop 32 (

No on Prop 33 Changes Car Insurance Rates

The measure would weaken consumer protections and allow auto insurers to raise rates unilaterally. They also argue that it would lead to more uninsured motorists because the rate hike would discourage people from buying insurance.
Consumer Watchdog is the main opponent of Prop. 33
Proposition 34 repeals the death penalty and replaces it with life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.
It applies retroactively.
It requires people convicted of murder to work while in prison and specifies that part of their pay will go to crime victims.
It creates a new fund to help law enforcement solve rapes and homicides more quickly. A total of $100 million would be transferred from the general fund to this project over four years.
Budget Impact: The Legislative Analyst's Office estimates California would initially save $100 million a year, and would transfer part of this to the new fund for four years. Eventually, the state would save $130 million annually.

Increases Penalties for Human Trafficking

The measure could make it harder to help victims leave sex work by ending the crime of misdemeanor prostitution.
YES on PROPOSITION 36 Revises the Three Strikes Law
YES!!! PROPOSITION 37 Labels Genetically Engineered Foods
Molly Munger's Tax Increases for Early Education and K-12
NO on 38, because it doesn't include higher education, it also raises taxes on lower incomes and could void prop 30. 
YES 39 

Increases Taxes on Multistate Business, Funds Clean Energy

Multistate businesses would have to pay their income tax based on what percentage of their sales are in California. A company that sells one-quarter of its product here would pay income tax on one-quarter of total profit. Companies would no longer have a tax incentive to keep their California staff small.
Yes: 40Referendum: Approves Current State Senate District Boundaries
of those backwards measures, where a "yes" vote doesn't change anything, and a "no" vote changes a lot. The Legislative Analyst's Office estimates that if Californians vote no, the state would spend about $500,000 and counties statewide would spend another $500,000 to develop materials, such as new precinct maps.

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Anita Finlay Author of Dirty Words on Clean Skin

Anita Finlay the author of Dirty Words on Clean Skin discusses sexism and sabotage in the 2008 campaign and how it has carried over to today's politics. The book is an insightful work that focuses on women's issues, addressing the media's influence and the tactics that are utilized which do damage to the credibility of women. Anita Finlay focuses on Hilary Clinton's campaign and the attempt to "break the highest and haredest glass ceiling." Go online to find out more about Anita Finlay: stop by the Pilgrim's way to get a copy!

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The debates and Bain Capital's purchase of voting machines

The second Presidential debate definitely lived up to my expectations. Obama was back and in command- he didn’t allow the lies to slip undetected. I was happy to see a woman as the moderator- Candy Crowley was clearly in charge, attentive and moderated the debate. While I’ve heard from various media outlets that Ms. Crowley overstepped her role as moderator- when she called Mitt Romney out for his lies about the fact that President Obama did indeed state that the murder of the Ambassador was terror related-( I argue- how many lies should a moderator tolerate? After all this is a critical election, and with the American public fallen prey to the strategies of Joseph Goebbels, the Third Reich Minister of Propaganda- one must argue that it is within reason to call a lie a lie- otherwise Goebbels strategy may indeed work: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” This is clearly the strategy of the Romney campaign. It can be summarized by Romney’s own words: “I won’t let fact checking dictate this campaign” and he hasn’t. Obama closed the debate with the words that so many of us had waited for: the 47% comment- it can't and shouldn't be ignored, after all the middle class is what has made America great, it is what drives our economy- after all, we must not forget that Americans are consumers and without a thriving middle-class we are in a race to the bottom. I was glad to see that President Obama was back in full swing. The last four years have been tough, but it is clear that we are gaining momentum. We simply can't afford another dose of Bush economics on steroids- imagine a country without a safety net, a country where there aren't programs to help the disabled, the mentally ill, or veterans returning home after risking their lives for our freedom, our liberty. We can't allow regression. I am along with everyone who cares about the direction of this country, am looking forward to Monday’s final debate- with the stakes so high- I am anxious to see how the debate goes and more importantly whether or not Americans will choose the best interest of TRUE small business, the best interest of seniors, the disabled, of our citizens who do have per-existing conditions and our veterans whose very lives depend on the direction that our country takes- whether we vote for Romney who wants more wars or for President Obama- who has said that we need to reinvest in America, and to withdraw from Afghanistan. With only a few more weeks left, we all sit on the edges of our seats- waiting…waiting for each other and hoping that our votes our voices will be heard. A hope that is overshadowed by Bain Capital’s investment ( our democratic process, the buy out of democracy and our voting machines. Will this election be stolen? I am optimistic- I believe that we can win, with voter turn out- and exit polling. So do go out and vote- Register by October 22nd and make your voice heard- loud and clear!

Propositions in detail: at 5:30 on KRXA

Sunday at 5:30pm I will be discussing all of the propositions on the ballot for California, with many deceptive commercials out there tune in as I go through the propositions in detail- giving not only my opinion, but also the opinion of professors and previous guests. Tune in online at, on tunein radio or come back to my site after the show, and I will post the podcast and a summary. I'll also discuss who I endorse locally and nationally and why Tune in, and as always Thanks for listening and for being part of the show.

Anita Finlay Author of Dirty Words on Clean Skin

This Sunday at 5pm, I will be joined by Anita Finlay, the author of "Dirty Words on Clean Skin" will join us to discuss her book and her "burning frustration with the media and today's political dialogue."

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mayor Carmelita Garcia for Re-Election

Tune in to find out why Carmelita Garcia is the best choice for Pacific Grove. I have attended many city council meetings, Mayor Carmelita Garcia stands behind the community. She is committed to making certain that the cities has and maintains a balanced budget- go as far as to question the city manager and ask for more specific details. She is interested in small business and in bringing business and revenue to the city of Pacific Grove, I can't say that about her opponent. Mayor Garcia is also vested in workers and their rights, marching with workers in picket lines. Mayor Garcia embodies a true leader- vote for her on November 6th.

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Mark Weller of Unite 483 states: Mayor Carmelita Garcia has marched on hotel workers' picket lines at Asilomar, Carmel Mission Inn, Pine Inn, and La Playa Carmel. That is commitment to working people when they are most in need (

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Koch Brothers Exposed and Beyond Bars are discussed with Jesse Lava of Brave New Films

Jesse Lava of Brave New films talks about the Koch Brothers and why they are dangerous to America. We discuss the many issues surrounding the Kochs from think tanks, social security, education to the environmental impact and the reasons behind their political influence. We also discuss Jesse Lava's most recent endeavor Beyond Bars. The statistics regarding crime are mind blowing, especially considering the tax dollars that go into non-violent crim. The structure of the current legislative system is severly flawed, lacks racial equality and the issue of the privatization of prisons is a component of a failing system.

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Why Facebook needs a Dislike Button in one word: Romney

I wish there was a dislike button on Facebook! Sometimes- I wonder what people are thinking, people I know...friends, family- why they want to vote for a man who doesn't care about 47% of the country... who wants to continue to subsidize big corporations and take safety nets from the poor- from people who receive disability, he wants to privatize social security- despite the fact we have paid into it and it is solvent. A man  who wants to push for more war- more military spending that wasn't requested. The very thing that has gotten us into debt- two wars on a credit card- yep more war is the answer? Why not focus on job creation- oh I don't know...infrastructure?  Perhaps if you can't do math...Why vote for someone who hides money offshore (is that patriotism) who owns 51% of a company (Bain Capital) who recently according to Salem News, and other articles: "The Presidential Candidate holds major stock in a company called Sensata. The company recently made factory officials take down the American flag when they were forced to train their Chinese replacement workers, according to Tom Gaulrapp, with the United Steelworkers Union" ( More offshoring- Is the idea to create jobs in China- then move Americans over there? Is it to make America the new China- why fly a flag over a company that you are closing down? Rub in a bit- why? Then there is the Stericycle issue- why vote for someone who makes money off of dead fetuses- if you are conservative- aren't you supposed to care about life? I consider myself liberal, while I'm not a fan of abortion- I believe in choice, mainly because I think that women should have the right to decide for their bodies, especially in cases of rape and incest- or if the mother's life is at risk. Finally there are his supporters- let's just look at Koch Industries- who tried to re-segregate a school in Wake County North Carolina- is that what you call Freedom? I have a word for it- it is hate- it is sick and quite frankly I am disgusted by Romney, and to an extent those who support him. Supporting someone who states these things, who acts and does what he does isn't Christian- I don't like to label and although I grew up Catholic, I don't attend church regularly, but I do believe in the fundamental value of caring about one's neighbor, in caring about the poor- those are my beliefs and it is disturbing to see so many stray from basic values- perhaps they are believing the lies.... Perhaps they don't understand what Mitt Romney believes in.... I wonder.... I wonder why people are against teachers and education... The envy of the poor...The label of socialism- if many only knew the definition... I've lived in countries with universal health care- I don't get what is wrong with keeping America healthy- unless you own health insurance stock and are pro- death, shouldn't you want people to get healthcare? Why? Why would anyone want lifetime limits- for the child who was born with a medical condition- for the grandmother who has reached her limit- is that not a death panel? It is- it is the insurance companies who make the life and death decisions, we can't go back to putting life in the hands of insurance companies and stock holders- Doctors should make decisions about health care! Please think about these things before you vote....Try a little fact checking, use Google- maybe read non- biased reports. Try Thinking for yourself- come on! Finally to those who think that fracking (causes earthquakes ) and digging for coal is the way of the future- get real- learn something- the sun delivers in 10 days the same amount of energy that is in all of earths natural resources (Smith, How does Earth Work?)  There are better less deadly ways- we need energy independence- clean energy independence so that our children and grandchildren have a chance to breath clean air....There are studies! Read them- unless you think that air should be privatized too- FYI there isn't another planet that we can move too!

The VP Debate

I was impressed with Joe Biden this evening- I was hoping that he would just slap his knee and burst out with laughter, but I suppose that would have been too much. Last week, we heard that Obama wasn't awake enough- this week it was that Joe Biden "had too many Red Bulls" (NBC) but at least he wasn't called an "angry black man" that is his advantage; Joe Biden can laugh and call things for what they are, sadly Obama is held to a different set of standards, which is why we haven't seen the President get tough yet. We all know that if he had reacted last week that, had he called Mitt Romney out for lying, then those words would have been the top story; the media would have painted Obama as angry or insinuated that he was playing the blame game. The skewed level of reporting is reaching all time lows. Looking forward to the next two debates,  I hope that this has been calculated and that Obama calls Romney out in the next two debates. He has to, so many Americans are falling for the lies. I live in California, on the Monterey bay....A fairly progressive place right? One would think, and yet each and every day- I drive by Mitt Romney signs. They are everywhere- on houses, on lawns on cars that pass by. My friends and family "like" Mitt Romney; They like him despite the fact that they are against his politics. They just don't realize it, know it, understand it, or are too brainwashed, or dare I say uninformed to connect the dots. There is a plethora of propaganda filling the airwaves, on TV, radio and even social media- for example Mitt Romney's letters are deceptive- if you compare them to what he says and to the vague policy that he has outlined on his website. Yet- so many believe the lies. Speaking of lies- it was clear who won this debate- hands down Joe Biden won- in my opinion. He didn't back down- he didn't let the lies slip by.
 Ryan clearly lost the debate- yet the media portrays him as "polite" (NBC)- personally I am getting sick of the bias politics that are pervading most media outlets. Call it as it is: Biden won- Ryan lost- and (like so many other politicians) wouldn't answer the questions. Even the moderator attempted to get him to answer. Sadly many Americans, probably didn't watch this debate- it amazes me how many people I spoke to today didn't even know that there was a debate tonight- but they did know about the baseball game that was on today- how sad is it when our country is so caught up in sports or the latest reality show, yet they don't know who the Vice President is or that there is a debate! This summer I was very fortunate to see the VP Joe Biden in Carmel- and when I told family, friends and others about the speech so many people didn't know who the Vice President was that I was literally shocked. The sad fact is that many Americans are now led by falsities, don't know or understand facts or politics or are being brain washed by propaganda. German Politician and Reich Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, stated: "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it" Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney are steadfastly following that advice. I hope that the American people on the whole will wake up, before it is too late- and our fate lies in the hands of the likes of Koch Industries and other corporations who are donating vast amounts of money to the Romney campaign to further their own interests, rather than the interests of Americans.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Pacific Grove City Council only 3 seats and 5 candidates!

This show I interview 3 of the 5 candidates for Pacific Grove City Council. Robert Pacelli a local film maker and artist who is running for city council for more information go to: I also interviewed Casey Lucious a newcomer to Pacific Grove, who is in favor of parking meters to rev up revenue for the city (something I am against for many reasons) for more information: Finally I interviewed incumbant Dan Miller, the father of three year old twins, with another child on the way. After attending many city council meetings and water forums, I fully endorse Dan Miller for re-election, tune in to learn why.
I did invite other candidates with no response, I hope that when Pacific Grove voters go to the polls or fill out their absentee ballots that they vote in the best interest of the city, remembering the issues that have come up and are on the horizon.
An interesting link for more information:

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Amazing hand made jewelry

I wanted to share this amazing handmade jewelry- it is so elegant and beautiful! It is made by a friend of mine and is truly unique- not the type of jewelry that you can buy in any old store- this is one of a kind! Support independent jewelers, please check out my dear friend's store:

Joe Gunter for Mayor of Salinas

Joe Gunter discusses his campaign for Mayor of Salinas- find out why he is the best choice!

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