Sunday, September 30, 2012

Supervisor Dave Potter on "The Michelle Jackson Show"

Supervisor Dave Potter joined me Sunday evening to discuss his bid for re-election. Dave Potter does indeed have a list of accomplishments including saving the Rippling Rivers home for the disabled, Pacific Meadows an elederly retirement community along with helpting the Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital and Natividad to remain open. There have been may recent controversies surround encumbent Supervisor Potter. We address many of the issues facing the community and his campaign.If you missed the live airing- simply listen to the podcast!
As always I'd like to thank my listeners, sponsor: Prinessess Monterey whale Wathing, Hal for giving me the opportunity to pursue my passion and my guest Dave Potter.

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Hugo Gerstl "The Politics of Hate"

Author and attorney Hugo Gerstl discusses his lates book, "The Politics of Hate" which takes the reader on a journey through time mirroring the Jimmy Carter vs. Ronald Reagon campaign to the Obama vs. Romney Campaing. Leaving the reader to ponder if somehow Romeny can score a touchdown play in the last quarter- as Ronald Reagan, who was trailing in the polls did in their last debate. "The Politics of Hate" further delves into our political system exposing the stark contrasts between health care in the US and health care in other non-third world countries. American was once a great nation and can be even greater- However we all must come together and unite as one so that we can have a strong country once again. The book also delves into the issue of the division within the Democratic party and the impact that it has had on past campaigns. We must learn from history- as the old saying goes, or we are doomed to repeat it. Hugo Gerstl's "The Politics of Hate" also focuses on the propaganda machine that has sadly infiltrated our "news" and media broadcasts. Exposing the truths and the lies, propaganda infiltrates ands skews truths. Jeff Goebles of the NAZI Party stated: "If you repeat a lie long enough it becomes the truth. If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. If you repeat a lie long enough it becomes truth" the Nazi propaganda machine lives in, in Fox News. Even the ideolgy behind it reflects Romney's campaign- with the idea that knowledge is "the worst enemy of propagand"

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Friday, September 28, 2012

Hugo Gerstl and Dave Potter this Sunday from 5-6pm on "The Michelle Jackson Show"

This Sunday at 5:00 I will have author and attorney Hugo Gerstl on air to discuss his latest book: "The Politics of Hate" The book addresses the obstructionist politics that have injured our nation and the propaganda machine of today. Gerstl takes the reader on a journey through the political past to the present comparing and contrasting the events of today with those of past, bringing an awareness to the reader that history has, can and frequently does repeat itself. "The Politics of Hate" is a must read, which I highly recommend- pick it up at the Pilgrim's Way or find it at Amazon's Kindle bookstore!

Supervisor Dave Potter will be joining us at 5:30 to discuss his re-election for Monterey County Supervisor! I am looking forward to this long anticipated interview and an anxious to hear his responses. If you have a question for Supervisor Potter- feel free to email me at:
 Remember the number to call in is: 831-899-5792. 
As always I'd love our listeners to tune in Sunday from 5-6 via your radio, online at or use Tunein on your iphone/smartphone or computer. I will have the podcast up shortly after the interview in case anyone misses the show.Thanks for Listening! 

John Bell joins us from Hope Services and I discuss the upcoming Presidential election with a special Focus on Mitt Romney

August 23 on the Michelle Jackson show- OT from Barrios Unidos, was unable to join us do to a scheduling issue- He did call in after the show and will be joining us on an upcoming show. I was joined by John Bell of Hope Services, we discussed the impact that the economy has had on the services that they provide to the disabled in our community. 

This week I discussed the importance of the presidential election, focussing on Mitt Romney and his recent comments about the 47%. It is unfathomable how so many Americans across the country continue to support this man, when his actual ideology, when what he believes in is so far from what the right states that they believe in. I pose the question to christians: What would Jesus do? I have the answer and it isn't what Romney proposes! The idea that it is somehow acceptable to disregard 47% of the country, to "Not care about the very poor" or to profit off of the collection of aborted fetuses is not in line with any form of christianity that I am familiar with. Shoot I'm a liberal and even I take issue with someone who would invest in Stericycle! In my humble opinion there are better ways to make money. How can someone go and vote for a person who isn't concerned about them- or about nearly half of the country? Is this who we want as President! The choice has never been clearer! If you care about your neighbor, if you care about those who are less fortunate- the poor, the elderly, children and people with disabilities- do some research- then you too will agree and vote for Obama 2012! 

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Frack off Paddle and the Blue Ocean Film Festival

Tune in as I discuss the Documentary Frack off Paddle with Branden Arroyen and Chad Konig, who recently finished a 250 mile Paddle journey from Santa Cruz to Santa Barbara to draw attention to the issue of fracking. Find out what you can do regarding this important issue. 

I also spoke with Sarah Sponagle of the Blue Ocean Film festival about the upcoming week long event and the wonderful films and guests that will be appearing right here in Monterey! 

As the show came to a close I addressed the issue of third party candidates! Tune in to hear more! 

Thanks to all for listening and for the continued support!

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Friday, September 14, 2012

New Promo!

I recently changed my show name from "Foxy News" to simply "The Michelle Jackson Show" Love the New promo- many thanks to Hal for his assistance! 

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The Best of Coach and Michelle on AM540AM

I was very fortunate to have the opportunity of co-hosting with Coach KC Lynch while The main Man Hal Ginsberg enjoyed his vacation- It was a fantastic experience, I enjoyed producing the shows and even the early hours! We had some great shows, but I picked this clip including the some intro which led into the excitement! Historian Howard called in with a Pro- Romney comment which fueled my fire! Coach and I enjoyed that conversation- and I hope you do to! I must add- as a note to the comments that you willl hear: That as a parent, I can think of no greater atrocity than what occured in Nazi Germany to so, so many Jewish families- and their children. Harold's comment about baptism- because a child was given a name truly struck a chord with me. Let us all remember that it is a parent who names a child, and that those poor innocent children died in the most inhumane way imaginable- and to think for one instant that it is acceptable to baptize those children- or any Holocaust victim is beyond disturbing to me. Imagine, as a parent, if it was your child- you was tortured, starved and eventually murdered- all because of their religion- now imagine someone taking that from them- after death. That is the epitome of disrepect. If we can't respect the dead, if we can't trust our leaders to respect the dead and their wishes and rights to religious liberty- perhaps those are not the correct leaders for a Democratic Nation!  

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Princess Monterey Whale Watching Promo

We often take the beauty that lies at our doorsteps for granted- not realizing the marvels that await for us just off of our coast! The magnificence of seeing whales, dolphins and orcas in their natural environment is breathtaking. Each trip is a unique experience and an opportunity to experience the beauty of the Monterey Bay. Whether you are a long time resident, or have friends in town and are looking to make a memory, Princess Monterey provides the largest and finest fleet, with friendly experienced staff, on board amenities including a snack bar and restrooms. The Princess Monterey also features experienced Marine Biologists to guide and narrate your tour! Support our local businesses and see why our oceans are so important as you gaze into the eyes of a humpback (each trip varies- but sometimes they come right up!). Remember to tell them that Michelle sent you and use code: RADIO 5 for $5 off each ticket. Call 1-800-979-3370 or go to
For a truly unique gift, send someone on a whale watching trip, gift certificates available!
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Gary Karnes of the Monterey Democratic Center for Change and Mayor of Pacific Grove Carmelita Garcia

Gary Karnes discusses the Democratic Center for Change and President Obama's re-election. Mayor Carmelita Garcia joins us to talk about the important issues facing Pacific Grove and her bid for re-election. 

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Marc Del Piero For Monterey County Supervisor on KRXA AM540AM

Despite being a republican, Marc Del Piero is supported by the Green Party. He supports Public Water and supports social programs as well as attention to our roads and infastructure. Marc Del Piero has been a guest on KRXA numerous times and is always open to calls and questions. 

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Stephen Mateo author of "Journey"

Stephen Mateo Discusses whether or not the American Dream stilll exists in his book Journey on KRXA AM 540 AM with Michelle Jackson and Coach KC Lynch 

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Noel McNamee of McNamee Construction

Noel McNamee discusses the local construction industry and his recent trip to Washington DC as one of three of the Nations top contractors

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Obama Girl on KRXA

One of the best things about the 2008 election: Obama Girl! I was among the many who enjoyed certain attributes of her video! As the 2012 campaing year approached, I and many other hosts wondered if Amber Lee Ettinger would enthrall us all over again with her eye catching videos or even her comedic Sarah Palin skits. While Amber Lee did make two 2012 vidoes- will she make more, listen to the podcast to find out more. This episode was from the "Pacific Grove Perpective" with Michelle Jackson, Hal Ginsberg and KC Lynch. 

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Barbara Kowlcyck shares her personal loss to E. Coli and discusses Food Safety

Barbara Kowalcyk Ph.D and CEO & Director of Research & Public Policy Center for Foodborne Illness Research & Prevention discusses food borne illness on AM 540AM with Michelle Jackson and KC Lynch. Barbara shares her own personal story- the unimaginable loss of her 2 ½ year old son Kevin to E. Coli food poisoning. Barbara Kowalcyk is a food safety advocate. To find out more about food safety go to Barbara Kowalcyk has proposed Kevin’s law, she has also in the documentary “Food Inc.”  When I spoke with Barbara, I just kept thinking about my own two children- The first time I watched “Food Inc.” my youngest son was the same age as Kevin, to this day I choke even when I hear her interview and look at the pictures of her son. Food poisoning can happen to anyone. It is a silent, invisible killer! Food borne illness is more common than most people realize as the systems are similar to flu systems. It is inexcusable that our food system has only overhauled Food Safety in 60 years. Thankfully, Obama did pass Legislation, “The food Safety modernization act” in 2010. The first food safety legislation in 60-70 year; unfortunately there is still more than needs to be done, such as implementing the law. Barbara’s  experience changed how my family eats and our awareness. Her strength and courage in sharing her loss will surely save lives. In my eyes Barbara Kowalcyk is a hero for continuing to fight for food safety. 

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Dr. Paul Ekman Emotion and Deception Expert

I was proud to interview Dr. Paul Ekman the renowned expert in emotions and deceit. After reading several of his books and trying out the training programs available on his website ( it was a pleasure to speak to the incredible man behind the research! I find faces and expression something of great interest, as a people watcher and as a host- I feel that now more than ever facial expression and analysis is not only an important tool- but also critical to the times. Imagine utilizing those skills when watching the news or listening to the radio? To Listen to the interview again, or if you missed it follow the link for the full interview with Dr. Paul Ekman.

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To the issue of Exotic Dancing

Is Exotic dancing and Pole Dancing degrading or could it be considered empowering, even an artform. I interviewed several guests, including Wendy Traskos from New York Pole Dancing and the US Pole Dance Championships, and Mary Ellen of Empowerment through Exotic Dance. The interview was enlightening and showed the many aspects of Professional Pole dancing and exotic dance. As with any profession there are those who follow the rules, and those who don't! For more info listen to the podcast and check out my blog "To the Issue of Exotic Dancing" at

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Interview with Debbie Lewis of "911 In Plane Sight"

Debbie Lewis of Lewis Films joined me on September 9th to discuss the atrocities that occurred that fateful day, a day that will be etched in all American minds: September 11th 2001. It has been eleven years, yet there are so many questions that remain unanswered. Sure there was the 911 commission report, there were reports from Purdue university- which attempted to explain away how flight 77 managed to enter the pentagon despite the inconsistencies in size and dimension. We must seek the truth not just on 9/11 but every day. When you think that there were over 3,000 people who died that day, and then factor in the lives that were lost to wars that developed as a result of the attacks. It is our right as free thinkers, as people who live in a democracy- it is our right to question and to seek answers. I’m not saying that this is the answer, but I do think that it deserves to be looked at- that those events deserve to be examined!
There are a lot of unanswered questions about 911, I for one think and have read that war is profitable- and that if you need a reason to go to war terrorism is a great strategy.  Regardless of how the 911 tragedy occurred I believe that it should be looked into. I don't think that it detracts from the tragedy, those lives deserve answers. I've looked at numerous documentaries and websites- the Hole in the pentagon doesn't fit a Boeing 757 plane and simple (yes i spelled plane wrong on purpose) so what was it? We may never know. The important thing is that people ask questions, rather than sheepishly follow and abide by the stories we are told. Watch the documentary with an open mind. I would much prefer to believe that there are just bad guys in the world- rather than the government may have had a hand in such a horrendous atrocity! Just look at the facts, look at the videos- videos available directly through CNN. Then think for yourself! As to the who did it: Look at the Bush Family and their ties to the Bin Ladens- follow the money- also it was a great entry into Afghanistan and Iraq. The best way to get into a war is with a reason.

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Joey Racano director of Ocean Outfall group joined me to talk desal with Bridget Hoover of the Monterey Marine Santuary and about the threat of seismic testing near the Diablo Nuclear Canyon.

Last Sunday I was pleased to be joined by Joey Racano the director of the Ocean Outfall Group. Joey is extremely passionate about our marine life! We spoke with Bridget Hoover of the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary about NOAA and their role in the desalination process. We addressed the importance of reducing brine discharge into the sanctuary. We also addressed the recent development in the proposal from PG&E to begin seismic testing near the Diablo Nuclear Power Plant. The testing has been Ok'd by the State Lands Commission and entails setting off 260 decibel blasts in the ocean off the coast of the plant for a 90 mile stretch. The blasts would occur every 60 seconds for a period of two months. The testing that they are proposing will "cleanse" the area of marine life! Click Play to hear the interview, and tune in every Sunday at 5pm on KRXA 540am to listen to Michelle Jackson's Foxy News. 

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Joey Racano discusses the impact of seismic testing on the whales and Marine life. We also address desalination with Bridget Hoover of the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary and NOAA

Last Sunday I was talking whales and our Oceans: addressing the issues of desalination with Bridget Hoover of the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary and NOAA. We discussed the issue of brine and what NOAA does to ensure that our Marine Sanctuary remains a marine Sanctuary, where our whales and fish can continue to flourish and provide us with the environment that we are privileged to enjoy on the Monterey Bay.

In the second segment I had the pleasure of interviewing a huge advocate for our whales and marine life! Joey Racano, Director California Ocean Outfall Group

Check out his website at:

 The issue of the seismic testing at the Diablo Nuclear power plant has been ok’d by the Lands Commission and now sits in the hands of NOAA and the Fish and game. We’ll discuss the potential affects to the ocean and also the realities of the Nuclear Power plant and its location on fault lines.

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Michelle Jackson interviews author David Nabhan "Forescasting the Catastrophe"

David Nabhan the Author of "Forecasting the Catastrophe" and "Predicting the Next Quake" is interviewed by Michelle Jackson- Listen as we discuss the possilbility of prediction and how the chances of disaster and injury may be lowered if people have a warning or alert system in place, based on science and studies. We'll also discuss fracking and it's potential impact on faults!  For more info on David Nabhan check out his website:

and his most recent article:

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