Thursday, August 30, 2012

Michelle Jackson on desalination and the potential for airt to water Technoloyg

The deadline for another water source is quickly approaching, as I started off my study into the water situation on the Monterey Bay, I was very optimistic about the future for air to water technology on the Peninsula. While I still feelt that air to water technology will be the way of the future, I realize that desalination is the answer to the immediate need- which looms closer as the years and months tick by!

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Black Box Voting with Bev Harris

Bev Harris the author of Black Box Voting talks about the issues facing voters- not only with voter suppression, but with the new voting machines, such as Sequoia and Diebold. Tune into find out why these machines are testing democracy as we now it- and their accuracy! The question of how these machines work and who owns them will be answered!

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Joel Salatin

Joel Salatin talks about the Food Industry and the issues surrounding the food Industry.

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Predicting the Next Quake with David Nabhan

This week on Foxy News I interviewed David Nabhan the author of “Forecasting the Catastrophe” and “Predicting the Next Quake” the interview was very interesting and addressed the potential for the amazing possibility of predicting earthquakes- David Nabhan shared statistics about the number of quakes that occur within dawn and dusk which show evidence that there is more than just coincidence to the timing of these catastrophic events. We spoke about the patterns that affect seismic activity on the West Coast, such as tides and the phases of our moon- which put pressure on the fault lines, thus adding to the potential for an earthquake! I highly recommend reading the book “Forecasting the Catastrophe” the evidence is quite startling. As a mother and a Californian I find it very disconcerting that Governor Jerry Brown is not following up on this pattern of Seismic Activity! We must try to draw attention to Nabhan’s evidence and awaken the United States Geological Survey (USGS) to these patterns! Imagine the lives that could potentially be saved if people were made aware of the heightened risk and if the there was appropriate first responders available or even on alert during these patterns that show higher probability windows for seismic activity on the west coast! For more information about the author David Nabhan or to contact Governor Jerry Brown simply go to David Nabhan’s website and click on his link!
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Also don’t forget that David Nabhan’s book is available at our local Pilgrim’s way bookstore in Carmel!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

To the issue of Exotic Dancing...

I enjoyed my interview with Megan Reclusado of Ms. Tryss Boutique in Monterey! The classes sound fun and a great idea to boost my body back into shape! The interviews with Mary Ellen and Wendy Traskos proved to be informative- the level of professionalism and competition in the pole dancing arena is astounding- I never realized that it was actually a competitive sport! I have always watched on in awe as the elegant dancers climb, swing and contour their bodies in unimaginable ways- but I never realized that this art was competitive or something that one could actually excel at it!
To the discussion of exotic dancing I had two dancers on the show- both with contrasting opinions. Now, I have been to many clubs, having lived in Las Vegas I also have had many dancer friends. I know club owners and managers- so I speak from that perspective- granted the clubs that I speak of are upscale gentleman’s clubs as opposed to small full nude bars- which often carry unsultry reputations. My guest who is a true success story an ex dancer who worked her way through school and is now the proud owner of a local business called Ms. Tryss Boutique, which sells lingerie and offers pole dancing classes for fitness and self-empowerment. Megan told our listeners about her career as a dancer- she spoke about safety, the payout structure and also about the ethics and laws behind exotic dancing. I also had a guest from LA who told a different story- one of illegal activities and full nude bars. Megan had danced for a decade at upscale establishments, maintained professionalism and clearly is a smart business woman who turned her skill into opportunity! However, some of our listeners wanted to focus on the woman who portrayed the example of the degraded stripper. Now I’m not saying that all clubs are squeaky clean, or that all dancers obey the rules; but at the end of the day they are independent contractors who chose to work at the establishment and make their own schedules. In my opinion this is a woman’s rights issue. I can’t help but wonder why is it that when women embark on certain forms of work they are labeled? Is it so hard to believe that dancing can be empowering, that some women may enjoy it? That it isn’t degrading? Why must a woman who expresses her femininity and sexuality be called names- be told she is degrading herself? This is never the case with the male who is sexually promiscuous- and in the case of exotic dancing- rarely are the women promiscuous due to legality and club rules. I don’t doubt that there are cases in which laws are broken- but clearly if you are willing to break the law and commit a crime then you have no self-respect and thus- in my opinion can’t be degraded for you are the one putting yourself in that position.
                The male fascination with objectifying women is an amusing on- I look back on the work of Gypsy Rose Lee- one of the first burlesque professionals a legendary woman who performed a classy and witty striptease. She was not a victim, nor degraded, nor a sob story. In fact she went on to become an actress, and author and a host at San Francisco’s KGO. She spoke these words during a performance “have you the faintest idea of what goes on in the private life of an exotic dancer…now a fan dancer’s education requires years of concentration” ( The Patriarchal society in which we live wants us to believe that women are victims, that they don’t make their own decisions, that they are somehow forced into a lifestyle or are uneducated and have no other choice. But Gypsy Rose Lee and my guests spoke otherwise. Exotic dancers and pole dancing professionals come from all walks of life they are mothers, teachers, professionals, students- and as with any other industry some are also criminals. However, due to the ideology- the patriarchal imposed stereotypes the women who pursue this opportunity are degraded not by the act of dancing but the judgment imposed by society. The judgment that comes from the bad apple, which ruins the bunch; it is sad that these women cannot hold their heads high due to the judgment brought on by a society that wants to control women’s sexuality. I feel that it is perspectives such as these that truly degrade. If they weren't told they are degraded, that their job is shameful then there wouldn't be shame. Society is constantly putting down women- feeding us with patriarchal ideas. Setting examples of who to be and how to look; from the skinny models to the insinuation that a woman who is proud of her body is objectified and degraded, or abused- perhaps had a troubled life- while that may be the case for some- I disapprove of those blanket statements and ideology. The control of women’s sexuality is an issue that pervades each and every aspect of life. We are expected to act certain ways, to maintain the patriarchal ideal. The image of the good housewife of Donna Reed or perhaps June Cleaver being the ideal, and even as society moves toward liberal tendencies the working woman is often expected to maintain the home, to cook, clean and provide child care. These are all expectations! But forbid the woman who seeks a different path! There must be a reason, for she should want to follow the patriarchal ideal- therefore the woman who seeks to free herself from the bonds of expectation must be somehow scared. She must be troubled, or desperate or in a situation. For some reason, it is difficult to grasp that the woman who entertains in a legal manner at a bikini bar is happy or content or that she may even make decent money. They hunt for the sob stories, they search for the criminals and then they make the profession degrading- by giving it a bad name. Women are constantly scrutinized, a successful woman is often called names (unlike a successful man), a woman who speaks out is often accused of being brainwashed- whereas the man is profound.  It is the concept of judgment that continues to degrade women; Judgment and control.  We see this happening not just on issues such as stripping, but in government. Women are constantly scrutinized, told what to do, what to think- the Republican Party wants to control our bodies. Isn’t it time that we ceased judging- isn’t it time that women could be accepted as sexual beings- without being judged? Apparently not….Perhaps I will get back into shape and go undercover and find out for myself! Perhaps I will do an undercover expose. I don’t pretend to know everything about the life of an exotic dancer. There is only so much that one can gather from professionals, guests, friends, family and from being a customer!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Pole Dancing and Exotic Dancing get the details on Foxy News this Sunday at 5pm

This Sunday at 5pm on Foxy News with me, Michelle Jackson- It’s going to get a little bit hotter at KRXA 540AM, as I return to a topic that Hal Ginsberg brought up a few weeks ago: Exotic Dancing and the art of Pole Dancing! I will be joined by several special guests! Tune in- this show is going to be informative and entertaining- it will definitely give my listeners something to talk about! We will focus on the empowerment of women through dance! We will also address the various aspects of pole dancing: from fitness to competition! Questions will be answered by experts in the field: Is dancing degrading? Who is in charge in the club? Pole dancing….seductive, or an art form. I will also address Mitt Romney and his supporter Jenna Jameson and how Mitt Romney plans to invade your bedrooms! Tune in, learn more, find out and as always Think For Yourself.
I've included this clip- for those who aren't familiar with pole dancing- or perhaps have a preconceived notions, enjoy.

Monday, August 13, 2012

My interview with Dr. Paul Ekman

Sunday I was proud to interview Dr. Paul Ekman the renowned expert in emotions and deceit. After reading several of his books and trying out the training programs available on his website ( it was a pleasure to speak to the incredible man behind the research! I find faces and expression something of great interest, as a people watcher and as a host- I feel that now more than ever facial expression and analysis is not only an important tool- but also critical to the times. Imagine utilizing those skills when watching the news or listening to the radio? To Listen to the interview again, or if you missed it follow the link for the full interview with Dr. Paul Ekman.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dr. Paul Ekman this Sunday at 5pm with Michelle Jackson

This Sunday at 5pm I am proud to announce that I’ll be interviewing Dr. Paul Ekman, author of “Telling Lies” and many other books including “Emotional Awareness” with the Dali Lama! Dr. Ekman is a renowned expert in emotions research and nonverbal communication. He was instrumental in the hit television series “Lie to Me,” which was largely based on his research. Tune in Sunday August 12 at 5pm to hear more about Dr. Ekman and his amazing research regarding lies and deceit.