Saturday, July 28, 2012

Voice and Vocal Range

Speaking to the issue of voice: While I recognize that one’s voice does impact how they are perceived- especially on the radio; I must say this: Fia and I have our own unique and individual voices. We are authentic. While I could (maybe- I’m 34- and have been speaking with my voice my entire life) and may even attempt to work on my vocal variety to gain “credibility” or to get my point across at what point does that begin and end- is it a slippery slope that leads to corporate mass media; where one becomes a droning version of mainstream talking points- losing individuality and authenticity. KRXA has in my eyes provided a platform where many vocal ranges exist. To the comments from Michael W. about throwing stones- I agree. However, does Coach throw stones?  In my opinion Coach teases which is significantly different from comments made by Michael W. on the KRXA website. Also I appreciate Hal’s recommendations- which are duly noted. Honestly keep the criticism coming- it just fuels my fire- and desire to succeed.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sunday on Breakdown with Michelle J

This Sunday at 6pm on KRXA 540 tune in with Michelle J as I Breakdown the issues. This week I will be interviewing Gary Karnes of the Monterey County Democrats. We will be discussing the campaign, addressing the some of the lies that are being spread by the other side, and focusing on what we can do locally in order to help out. I will also be talking with the Mayor of Pacific Grove- Carmelita Garcia. We will be talking about her re-election campaign and addressing the issues that face Pacific Grove, such as Cal Pers. We will also discuss city council member Bill Kempe- and his bid for mayor, focusing on their differences and their voting records. If time allows I will also address some of the right wing media issues, such as Rush Limbaugh's comments- which as usual are loaded with racism! Tune in on your radio, via your tunein app or log onto!

Monday, July 23, 2012

The Aurora Colorado Tragedy

The recent tragedy in Aurora, Colorado is beyond comprehension. The shooter, James Holmes was 24 years old, had no criminal record- nor did he have a history of mental illness. The fact that he was able to buy such large quantities of guns, ammunition and even riot gear within such a short time period is what I find astounding!  According to ABC News Holmes bought and ordered several guns and 6,000 rounds of ammunition! How exactly was this not a homeland security issue! Why wasn’t he flagged? If he had been of Middle Eastern decent- he would have been red flagged! However for one reason or another- This 24 year old was able to amass a small arsenal with enough ammunition for a small army- riot gear and all!
Do I think that guns should be banned- personally no! I believe that guns should be available to the public- however more regulations need to be in place- such as more thorough background checks-including mental health checks- I also feel that classes should be required and that testing should be conducted before handing over a deadly weapon! It is ridiculous that gun ownership requires nothing more than some cash for the gun, money and paperwork for licensing. Why not require classes- a test- a meeting so that someone can attempt to determine saneness?
The amount of weapons that this man accumulated in such a short period of time should have been reported! According to the AURORA, Colo. (AP) — “The shooting suspect accused in a deadly rampage inside a Colorado theater planned the attack with "calculation and deliberation," police said Saturday, receiving deliveries by mail that authorities believe armed him for battle and were used to rig his apartment with dozens of bombs” Clearly this man had plotted this awful assault.
”During the attack early Friday, Oates said Holmes used a military-style semi-automatic rifle, a shotgun and a pistol to open fire on the unsuspecting theater-goers. He had bought the weapons at local gun stores within the last two months. He recently purchased 6,000 rounds of ammunition over the Internet, the chief said” Holmes also bought an urban assault vest, two magazine holders and a knife for just over $300 on July 2 from an online supplier of tactical gear for police and military personnel, according to the company” (Read more:
Interestingly Holmes allegedly showed no signs of mental illness, according to records. However, when reading a report- I noticed a statement made by his mother that I found rather disturbing- and wonder if Holmes did in fact have some sort of mental health issue: His mother stated that she “A San Diego woman who identified herself as James Holmes' mother told ABC News she had awoken unaware of the shooting and had not yet been contacted by authorities. She immediately expressed concern that her son may have been involved. "You have the right person," she said, apparently speaking on gut instinct. "I need to call the police... I need to fly out to Colorado."
I’ve heard many varying opinions on gun control since this tragedy occurred. There was a time when I was against gun ownership. However, my opinions have evolved over the years- I now fully support responsible gun ownership for a number of reasons. First and foremost- self-defense (which requires training), secondly- due to the decline of society I have begun to feel that it may and probably will become necessary to protect myself and my family in the future- and vice versa. Lastly, our police forces in the United States are themselves under attack- since they are unions and public employees. I fear for the future of our national security- not our military but our actual police force- the people who are supposed to provide security for our country. The Police across this nation are faced with pension cuts- cities filling special chapter 9 bankruptcies which release the city of its responsibility to public employees- including pensions and health care. Recently in Scranton, Pennsylvania- city workers including Police and Firefighters took a sudden and sever pay cut- their wages were slashed to minimum wage- that’s right the police in Scranton now earn $7.25/hour! If our country continues on this path- a path that I feel was initiated in Wisconsin, and pushed along by Koch Industries then the country will be swimming with crime- the police who are honest hard workers won’t be able to afford to protect and serve and the others may fall into crime and bribery. Imagine- you have a mortgage, a car payment. Obligations and within 48 hours your wages are slashed! If this happens nationwide then what? We must have the right to defend ourselves. That said, I am of the belief that gun control needs to be modified and updated. The idea of gun abolition is not going to work! Many crimes are committed with illegal- untraceable guns. The NRA- whose facts I am sure are probably disputable claims that legal gun ownership lowers crimes; There are some links I’ve included from a few sources that suggest this. I feel that this tragedy could have been avoided, if there were more rigid gun control laws. Certainly I am not suggesting banning guns; simply control- gun ownership should not require just paperwork- but it should require training, classes, testing and evaluation (such as a short psych evaluation) along with the current mandatory background checks. This combined with proper data base gathering- such as a sudden increase in purchases of weapons, ammunition would in my opinion reduce potential terrorist acts. That is what this was- it was an act of terror. Furthermore- the very purchase of any riot gear type equipment should be reason for investigation. I can’t help but wonder if this man had been of any other race- if a flag would have been raised. Was a flag ignored? We will never know. My heart goes out to the families that witnessed this assault and especially to those who lost their lives.

Shows gun statistics- statistics are provided by libertarian think tank funded by Koch industries

Thursday, July 19, 2012

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Sunday on Foxy News with Michelle

This Sunday I will be following up with the boycott of the La Playa Hotel in Carmel, with Mark Weller the Projects Coordinator for UNITE HERE Local 483. There will be a protest this Friday 7/20 and Saturday 7/21 from 7am-7pm. I have also invited the General Manager of the La Playa Hotel, Mary Crow, to come on the show and talk about what is going on and how the hotel plans to deal with the boycotts.

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