Tuesday, March 29, 2016

My mom has cancer: Please help me help her

My Mom's Fighting Cancer, will you help?
I've been taking care of my mom who has had cancer over the last 4 years as many of you know we moved to Fresno, CA and now I need help getting her to move her so that I can take care of her. She has been mistreated, misdiagnosed and now I have to find a way to get her out here. The trips back and forth are exhausted and financially draining (it's a 6 hour round trip).

My mom is a fighter and even though she has stage 4 cancer she is still fighting, getting chemotherapy she keeps up her spirit even when her pain is unbearable. We are trying to raise funds for her moving expenses and to get her into an appropriate place that she can call home.

Please take a look at our gofundme page and if you can make a contribution it would be much appreciated.

Blessing are also much appreciated too.

Thank you,

Michelle Jackson

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Thank you to all my listeners

I'd like to thank all my listeners across the world! It is a pleasure to know that even now there are still so many viewers/listeners and now readers world wide! It is an honor to be have such a devoted and loyal audience. I am pleased to announce that I will begin blogging and I am looking forward to beginning a brand new theme and dynamic for the future of the Michelle Jackson Show. I am researching different ways to move forward and pick up where I left off! I plan on beginning with posting a new blog every Friday and in the upcoming months expanding into something that I'm really excited and looking forward to trying: video streaming! I'm looking forward to reconnecting with my listeners and my callers along with guests and more! I'm still testing and researching methods for streaming and receiving calls so stay tuned for updates!
 Irregardless my message will remain: seeking truth, uncovering deceit and as always I encourage everyone... No I oblige everyone to "Think for Yourself" remember most "facts" do tend to be stained with opinion- don't be influenced- influence and keep up the good fight! 

As 2016 encroaches upon us, it is more important than ever to stay informed! As many have realized our democracy, our freedom and well basically everything that this country was founded on... All the things that America once represented are gradually being compromised! It is up to each and every citizen of the United States and truly the world to take action. Complacency is becoming the norm, people are or have lost hope in politics, the economy and sadly themselves. The recession while on the mend will have long lasting scars... people lost jobs, homes and what many don't consider is that along that road there are those who lost their sense of pride, dignity, confidence and their sense of self. While the FOX News team clung on to their compromised self righteous and morally devoid talking points which typically were aimed at denying food to the hungry and healthcare to sick; there were people who could not lift themselves up by their bootstraps... those who lost jobs... those who weren't so fortunate. They heard the smears, they felt the stares of envy or disgust from Foxbots who felt that subsidies aka welfare is only for corporations not people! Oh the hypocrisy... if only they could use Mitt Romney's father as a welfare poster child... but they didn't. There should not be shame in ensuring your family- especially children do not suffer hunger, homelessness or poverty... and then they try to affiliate the greed, the sin, the hate with religion? This election season- I ask that every listener/ reader takes my challenge: Please consider and examine your faith, then look closely at the parties. I'm not singling out the Republicans, however since they do claim to be the party of faith, alleging Christian values and using churches and ministers to gain votes and of course implement their agenda. Please consider this: the GOP focused as did their marketers... I mean media or "news" networks fixated on cutting programs to the poor, while giving breaks, cuts and subsidies to the wealthy; they waged a never ending attempt to end the Affordable Care Act, which would literally deny health care to the sick- literally; the GOP was also instrumental in cutting food programs to the poor, the elderly, the disable and worst of all children. I was raised as a Catholic, and while I may not bring up religion very often, and usually don't even state any religious preference... I must say that I feel the need to address this heinous blasphemy. I ask that this truth be spread and shared because it is beyond wrong for these completely unchristian acts to continue under the guise of faith. The deceit should be uncovered and Christianity, faith, churches, ministers, preachers and all Christians. It is just plain wrong- and as the election engine rolls forward Religion will be at the forefront and emotions will be the tool which they will rely on and use to once again lay claim to Christianity- each year the talking points begin and end with a heated battle that no one really wants to win: The abortion spectacle. A topic so emotionally driven that the mention of the word negates every other topic. Suddenly, the question what would Jesus do in regards to feeding the hungry or healing the sick becomes irrelevant, as once this topic is brought up life... lives are at stack. Now I'm going to say this: I am definitely pro life... However, I vote pro choice despite my own personal beliefs and my opinions. I can't even imagine thinking about it... let alone- that said I want to elaborate on why I don't vote with my beliefs and or ideology. 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Renard Cohen filmmaker of Groundswell Rising addresses Fracking

During this interview Renard Cohen discusses his film, Groundswell Rising. This incredible documentary features the voices of researchers, experts and those who have been personally impacted in their communities by the fracking industry. We address the many issues attached to the fracking industry, including earthquakes, illness from chemicals, cancer and water contamination.

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

May 15, 2014 Free for all Thursday

It's a free for all: Your call and More:

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Guest: Delana Schneider brought to you by 


Sunday May 18 3-5pm: Life Cafe (Grief Recovery)


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Kevin Zeese of popularresistance.org

Kevin Zeese of Popular resistance joins to discuss Occupy, the movement of the 99% and net neutrality


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May 8, 2014 Free for All Thursday

During this Free for All Thursday: your calls and more- important local and national issues.

We also discuss: Alton Wanta and his role role in the Reagan administration and subsequent activities.
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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Wednesday May 7, 2014 Voting Rights and Voter Suppression

During this show I discuss the many issues surrounding our crumbling democracy and voter suppression. Tune in as I discuss the many issues surrounding voting machines, voter suppression and discuss the realistic realities behind the rights complaints on voter fraud.

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