Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 24th Free for All Thursday

Free for All Thursday: with your calls and much more

Tune in, call in and "Think for Yourself"

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Monday April 21st 2014 News, Topics and Much More

During this show I discuss the many issues in the news ranging from Ukraine to the Koch brothers stance against solar energy.

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Tuesday April 15th: Monarchies in America? You Decide

During this episode I discuss the issue of whether or not monarchies exist in the US. I also discuss the shocking, eye opening documentaries Dark Legacy 1&2. John Hankey maker of these documentaries will join The MJ Show Next Tuesday April 29th at 3pm PST

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

David Hayes Bautista discusses Cinco de Mayo and its roots in the US

During this episode Professor Hayes-Bautista discusses the history of Cinco de Mayo and its roots and fact that it is indeed an American holiday. The fact is that it isn't celebrated in Mexico, except in the village of Puebla.


For more information and to find out dates for upcoming events and talks go to:


David Hayes-Bautista is also the author of El Cinco de Mayo an American Tradition

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

April 10, 2014 Free for All Thursday

During this Free for all, callers discuss the many issues that we need to address as a country and as a globe from environment to the slow and gradual stripping of American Freedoms


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call in at 831-899-5792

Think for yourself!

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

April 9th News, Topics and your calls

During this show I discuss the issue of freedom in America and how it is gradually slipping out of our hands into corporate control. That is facism, corporate control is the definition- look it up. I ask you do you want to live in a facist country, without freedom, without rights. 


Remember who took your guns during Huricane Katrina!!! Bush sent troops in, took American citizens guns.


We must restore America to the it's rightful place as #1

Join me become an "American Patriot" today. I'll be setting up something soon. We must stand up and be the change we want to happen, only we the people can do this. We must get out and vote!!! We have to make our voices heard!

Where are the John Lewis', the Martin Luther Kings, the Andrew Goodmans of Today???

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Brad Herzog joins to discuss Carolyn Goodman's My Mantlepiece

During this episode Brad Herzog, co-author of Carolyn Goodman's "My Mantlepiece" joins to discuss the incredible, tragedy filled yet inspiring story of Carolyn Goodman and her son Andy Goodman who gave his life for civil rights.


This is a must read: I rated it my second favorite book, right behind Rep John Lewis' "Walking with the Wind."

Brad will be at the Pacific Grove Library on April 17 @ 7:30

for more information check out:


**Half of all proceeds from this book will go to the Andrew Goodman Foundation


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